Capitalizing on its scale, Engin Tarim is investing into all apple related activities.

  • The orchards of Engin Tarim along with its sister companies Engin Ziraat, Umde Tarım and are situated near Akcasehir township in Karaman province;
  • The cold storage, sorting and packaging facilities are operating in Karaman Industrial Zone;
  • The plastic injection moulding facility is operating in Kütahya First Industrial Zone.

Engin Tarim made all the necessary infrastructure investments for a modern orchard operation. Along with physical investments like the trellis system, drip irrigation, anti hail/UV nets, anti-frost wind machines, harvest robots, electrial tractörs, and solar energy, Engin Tarım is also utilizing efficiency enchanging systems like irrigation ve wind machine automation, orchard ERP, RFID based row and lot based traceability ssytems.